The BIM Transformation

Christoph M. Achammer reports on ATP’s changed way of working at the 1st BIM DIGITAL Symposium.

Online, 8th October 2020 – ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer opened the BIM DIGITAL Symposium, which was organized by the specialist platform, with an address entitled “A short story about a major transformation”. His aim was to share ATP’s experience of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and to demonstrate “how BIM changed and is still changing the way we work”.

ATP switched from programs that simply supported drawing to object-oriented software in 2010. As it couldn’t find a suitable supplier, it established – “more on the basis of a good feeling”, as Achammer describes – an in-house “test team” (now: the IT consulting subsidiary Plandata). BIM was introduced to every office in 2012 and all employees were already using it by 2014 – with enthusiasm, backed up by a demand for standards. These are still being fine-tuned today. Developments may be well-advanced but, as Achammer admits, are “still far from complete.”

BIM has a key impact on the cooperation between architects and engineers, which is central to ATP’s identity and is optimally supported by BIM. According to Achammer, without integrated design, one cannot take full advantage of BIM. In order to ensure that the implementation of BIM is equally fruitful other, non-technical, factors must be also fine-tuned or adapted: the corporate culture, organization, processes. Otherwise, BIM is no more than another 3D image and this is neither new nor innovative. Achammer sees the European Green Deal as providing a boost for BIM in the coming one to two years.

Straight after this, the Plandata Managing Director Lars Oberwinter presented “BIM Quality management 2.0” and demonstrated how one can truly “become wiser from mistakes”.
See “Fewer mistakes with BIM

You can find the entire lecture from Christoph M. Achammer here.


    Christoph M. Achammer. Photo: ATP/Becker
    Christoph M. Achammer. Photo: ATP/Becker

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