Communication as a driving force

Ursula Reiner on innovative working spaces based on the example of the IMP

Cologne, 25th October 2018 ATP presented the Institute for Molecular Pathology (IMP) at ORGATEC as an example of a best-practice communication-supporting spatial concept. The specialist “workplaces” congress took place as part of the leading international fair for visionary new working concepts. The organizer “The Facility Manager” invited ATP to make a guest presentation in its role as a pioneer in the field of active workspaces. The architectural project leader Ursula Reiner from ATP Vienna represented the whole design team as she delivered a lecture entitled “Space for creative research”, which examined the innovative communication landscape of the IMP.

A building for people
IMP, the “laboratory of the future”, offered an opportunity to reject tired and rigid spatial concepts and encourage informal exchange alongside more formal knowledge transfer. Inviting meeting zones, scattered seating niches and island laboratory units intensify the impression of intimacy and create space for creativity – a fruitful approach that remains rare in the sterile world of laboratories. During the design process interactive communication was not only the objective but also the means to an end: The intense involvement of the researchers in the architectural design means that ATP’s project is a model for participative design processes.

The state-of-the-art building, which offers a professional home to more than 250 researchers, was opened in 2017. In addition to the communicative layout, the energy optimization and the ability to adapt to potential future developments, the aesthetic of the building also meets all the requirements of a modern workplace. The incorporation of the decoding of DNA into the façade places the spotlight on both the activity within the building and – in particular – on human beings.

A fair for the future
Every two years ORGATEC attracts more than 600 exhibitors who are involved with the subject of the future world of work to Cologne. The fair acts as both a platform and a meeting place for important participants in current trends and developments in the furnishing and fitting out of offices and buildings. The fair focusses on subjects such as working culture, processes and environments and provides plenty of inspiration for the future.

The next ORGATEC on the subject of “Thinking ahead about work” will take place between 27th and 31st October 2020.

Ursula Reiner, ATP Vienna, presenting IMP as a best-practice example for participative design processes. Photo: The Facility Manager/Glaß
The façade recalls the decoding of human DNA. Photo: ATP/Kuball
The communicative layout encourages informal exchange. Photo: ATP/Beck

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