Combining Know-how

ATP takes a share in FactoryXperts and expands its expertise in the baking industry.

Zurich/Innsbruck, 8th May 2019 – On 1st January we retroactively acquired a 30 % share in FactoryXperts – the international market leader for consultancy services in the baking industry.

"The relevant know-how of FactoryXperts slots into the food industry expertise of the ATP Group like a piece of a jigsaw. With the consulting services of our Swiss colleagues and ATP’s many years of experience of digital integrated design (BIM) we will work hard together to ensure that we also become market leader in the baking sector," explained Christoph M. Achammer, CEO of ATP.

We believe in consulting from FactoryXperts
With around 30 members in Switzerland and Germany FactoryXperts’ interdisciplinary team brings together specialists in the areas of food and drink from all disciplines. These experts understand both the production processes and all aspects of designing and building. In each project they first address the strategy, structure, and culture of a company before starting their profound analysis of specific processes and requirements. This is an approach that FactoryXperts shares with ATP architects engineers.

We make use of valuable synergies
Driven by mutual respect for each other’s expertise we combine our energies and use the recognized synergies in order to “bake even bigger cakes” together.

In the run-up to the design process, FactoryXperts assumes responsibility for the analysis and the process technology consulting and draws up a masterplan with the support of the know-how of ATP. The design of material flows, machinery layouts, logistics, and production technology and the monitoring of the assembly and operational start are accompanied by experienced operational planners from FactoryXperts. The integrated building design process is then carried out on the basis of state-of-the-art digital planning technology (BIM) and with the experience acquired by ATP’s integrated design offices during decades working for the food industry.

We are looking forward to combining this know-how and to "baking" together!


Roger Bless, CEO of FactoryXperts and Christoph M. Achammer, CEO of ATP. Photo: FactoryXperts/Stertzik
ATP and FactoryXperts will be "baking" together in the future. Photo: FactoryXperts/Stertzik

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