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ATP Innsbruck receives an honorable mention in the competition

Salzburg, 26th January 2018 – the D&R team from ATP Innsbruck has received an honorable mention in the realization competition for a modern office tower and bus depot. "The clear separation between the bus depot with the offices of Salzburg AG and the lettable space of the office complex was the key criterion of our idea" says the architect Paul Ohnmacht, Head of Design, explaining the concept.

The base of the building contains a low-rise bus depot for the Salzburg bus company Obus. The hall with the character of a workshop has a green roof and slips harmoniously into its surroundings without harming the neighboring residential district. Above this rises a modern office tower. According to Paul Ohnmacht, "this already functions as a landmark over large distances and provides a wonderful gateway to the City of Salzburg for those arriving on the motorway."

A modern office tower and the bus depot with industrial flair characterize the concept from ATP Innsbruck. Visualization: ATP Innsbruck
In urban design terms the building complex slips in sensitively alongside the neighboring residential district. Visualization: ATP Innsbruck

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