BIM – at the heart of a building

The “BIM” approach reached the heart of the building at Austria’s first TGA Conference 2018

Vienna, 24th October 2018 – As an early mover in the use and development of BIM ATP was represented at the highest level at Austria’s first TGA (Building Services) Conference.

The construction engineer Michael Haugeneder spoke on the subject of “BIM Design: the special communication challenges”, using the example of the Institute for Molecular Pathology (IMP) in order to report upon opportunities for the data modeling of buildings. “BIM meant that we had to address the areas of building services that were decisive for the lifecycle of the building at a very early stage,” explains the Managing Director of ATP sustain. “As soon as this phase had been completed we were able to create – extraordinarily quickly – a highly detailed building model closely tailored to the needs of the users.”

The BIM specialist Lars Oberwinter, who, amongst other things, is responsible for placing the company’s expertise in the use of BIM at the disposal of a wider public via the online platform BIMpedia, took up the theme. In his keynote address “BIM in building services design” the Managing Director of Plandata paid special attention to the importance of norms and standards as key prerequisites for the efficient use of BIM in interdisciplinary project development.

He was then joined by ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer, who has played a leading role in BIM research for many years in his role as a professor at Vienna University of Technology, to respond to the many issues raised in the podium discussion.

With over 24 speakers and panelists, 190 visitors, and 36 partners and sponsors the conference was a rewarding attempt to shed light on the often undervalued area of building services in the context of BIM.

Michael Haugeneder during his lecture at Austria’s 1st Building Services Conference. Photo: TGA18/Topf
Professor Christoph M. Achammer (3rd from right) brings his ideas and experience to the podium discussion. Photo: TGA18/Topf

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