Austrian Chancellor visits ATP

Technical professions are often dominated by men. With around 30 % female employees ATP is a best practice example of a women-friendly corporate culture.

Innsbruck, 15th March 2017 – The fact that offering excellent opportunities and equal pay to women is also possible in technical professions was demonstrated today to Austria’s Chancellor Christian Kern when he and his team visited our Innsbruck headquarters. The support that we offer to our employees is the basis of our corporate culture and a number of awards including a nomination for the State Prize strengthen our commitment to this policy.

Christian Kern was particularly impressed by the high proportion of female employees, with ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer pointing out that the number of women working as architects was significantly higher than amongst engineers. A series of measures for promoting women which has been developed by an internal taskforce of ATP women should now make this proportion of women even higher, especially amongst management. The fact that this is not easy was already clear eight years ago to the architect Robert Kelca, an ATP partner in Innsbruck, when he established “ATPünktchen” the first private childcare center in an Austrian architecture office. “We are ready to welcome more female managers and have established the basics for successful female careers.” His fellow Managing Director in Innsbruck’s ATP office, the engineer and ATP partner Gerald Hulka, underlines this. “Our female architects and engineers work on an equal footing and are equally or even better paid than their male colleagues and can organize their work flexibly.”

ATP is a pioneer as a women and family-friendly company and was very early in taking steps in the field of personnel development. These steps, which are particularly designed to support women at every level of our interdisciplinary design, include:

  • Equal pay and chances of promotion for men and women
  • Flexible, family-oriented working hours with just three hours core time
  • Support of the return to work after maternity or paternity leave
  • Childcare facilities in every office
  • Opportunities for education and training – also during maternity and paternity leave
  • Health care and internal fitness club for the whole family
  • Special measures for families, women and employees over 50

ATP has already won a number of awards for its women and family-friendly policies including the “Family-friendly Company Award” (2011) from the Province of Tyrol and nominations for the “Most Family-friendly Company in Austria” (2012) State Prize and the TRIGOS Österreich award for "Comprehensive CSR Engagement” (2013).

    Visiting the office of ATP Innsbruck. Photos: ATP/Rauschmeir
    Chancellor Kern convinced himself about the family and woman-friendliness of the company. Photos: ATP/Rauschmeir
    Christoph M. Achammer, CEO of ATP architects engineers, presents current ATP projects to the Chancellor Christian Kern. Photos: ATP/Rauschmeir
    From left: Robert Kelca, Managing Director of ATP Innsbruck, Christoph M. Achammer, CEO of ATP architects engineers, Chancellor Christian Kern and Gerald Hulka, Managing Director of ATP Innsbruck. Photos: ATP/Rauschmeir

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