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The number of ATP shareholders has been increased to eight.

Zurich, 01. August 2017The architect Matthias Wehrle, an associate partner of ATP architects engineers and Managing Director of ATP Zürich, became a partner (and shareholder) of ATP at the end of July.

From a young team architect to a partner of a 650-person office: Matthias Wehrle can look back on a classic ATP career. Born in 1967 and educated at Darmstadt University of Technology, the German architect has learnt all the key functions of integrated design at ATP during the course of that professional trajectory.

Matthias Wehrle: “I am delighted that, after 17 years at ATP, I am now able to experience and to perfect the corporate integrated design culture as a partner. Following the change of name to ATP Zurich I see this as a further step towards the successful integration of our Swiss office into the ATP Group.”

After completing his studies and gaining his first professional experience, which included four years with SIAT in Munich, Matthias Wehrle joined ATP Innsbruck in 1998 as a team architect with a focus on Industrial Building/Microelectronics. He became an Associate and Group Leader as early as 2001. The first microchip plant that he realized as a Lead Project Manager was “ams” near Graz. Further projects by the experienced designer of sustainable industrial buildings followed for Sandoz, GWM, Hilti, Darbo, Rexam and GE Jenbacher. The much-decorated Hilti P4plus was the first ÖGNI-certified production building in Austria. It is a remarkable fact that in 2010, when the first certification was being carried out, the building had already been completed.

Ten years after joining ATP, the architect, who understands Swiss German as a result of having grown up on Lake Constance, moved to Zurich as Associate Partner and Group Leader. With a commission for BMG MIS – as an arrival present for his Zurich colleagues – in his pocket he began to work alongside Alfred Wegmann, and with the help of know-how transfer from ATP Innsbruck, on the creation of a Swiss integrated design office in line with the ATP standard. Having been named Managing Director in 2014 Wehrle has led the growing ATP office alongside Michael Gräfensteiner since Wegmann’s retirement in 2016.

A change of name for ATP Zürich

With around 40 architects and engineers ATP Zürich is one of nine independent ATP design offices and is principally active in Switzerland and Southern Germany. Developed out of the well-known Zurich office “Kuhn Fischer Partner,” the office became a full integrated design office following its integration as “ATP kfp Architekten und Ingenieure Zürich AG” in 2010. Since 2017 the office has been known as “ATP architekten ingenieure, Zürich AG”. It designs complex high-rise buildings and revitalizations and refurbishments in the areas of industry/logistics/research, housing, health, and retail.

ATP Partnership

The ATP Partnership was founded in 1990. The model shares corporate responsibility – and corporate success - with a large number of employees. Eight Partners, 32 Associate Partners, and 71 Associates embody ATP’s corporate culture. This means that around 20 % of all employees are currently members of the ATP Partnership.

As a result of the well above average length of service of this broad management team (ø13 years), the know-how acquired remains within the entire team despite ATP’s constant growth.

Architect Matthias Wehrle, associate partner of ATP architects engineers and Managing Director of ATP Zürich. Poto: ATP/Becker
Architect Matthias Wehrle, associate partner of ATP architects engineers and Managing Director of ATP Zürich. Poto: ATP/Becker

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