ATP Berlin on the move

Large, bright offices offer lots of room for expansion

Berlin, 1st February 2018 – Our Berlin office, which was established last year, moved into new premises in Kurfürstenstraße close to Zoo station at the beginning of February. The large, open-plan integrated design office has simplified all working processes by allowing colleagues from every discipline to work side-by-side as they help the office to expand even further.

The creation of the office was prompted by ATP's growing order book in the North of Germany. One element of our strategy is that the market should also be penetrated in the area of infrastructure: "In the early days we concentrated on transport infrastructure projects. Now we have developed this into a core product for the Berlin office", recalls Thomas Herter, Managing Director (Engineering) of ATP Berlin. Elmar Rottkamp, Managing Director (Architecture) complements this with a view into the future: "But we also see new challenges and opportunities in the field of office and commercial buildings and the residential market. The demand here in Berlin is huge. Our core competence of integrated design will give us a major competitive advantage in the future, especially as we further develop BIM in the design and construction process."

BIM-supported integrated design, which has been used and continuously perfected by ATP since 2012, lends the Berlin office an added value in comparison with its competitors. Many of today's architectural offices continue to work in normal structures and few employ BIM during the design process.

ATP Berlin finds new site in Kurfürstenstraße. Photo: ATP
Team of newly founded site with management by architect Elmar Rottkamp (in the middle) and building service engineering specialist Thomas Herter (right hand side). Photo: ATP

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