Architecture and photovoltaic

Architektur.aktuell invited ATP Vienna to discuss the innovative Technologiezentrum aspern IQ.

Vienna, 25th January 2018 – the professional journal architektur.aktuell invited ATP to an interesting discussion about successful solutions to current architectural and building questions at Bauen + Energie, the largest construction industry trade fair in the East of Austria. Dario Travas and Hannes Achammer (ATP Vienna) spoke to a large audience about the specific technical approach and building measures employed at Technologiezentrum aspern IQ. The Plus Energy building in Vienna’s Seestadt which was integrally designed by ATP Vienna in line with its competition-winning project is a flagship project for intelligent urban design and passive buildings with a positive energy balance.

“An innovative highlight of the office building is the modern external facade, which is designed as an ‘add on’” said Travas, explaining the concept. “This makes a visible statement on behalf of sustainable technology.” The façade is planted with reeds. These absorb dust and store moisture as a means of improving the spatial environment. Integrated photovoltaic elements enhance the façade construction. Additional panels on the roof mean that the photovoltaic plant has a total area of 1,300 m2. The design of Technologiezentrum aspern IQ is the result of the successful combination of architecture and photovoltaic technology.

Hannes Achammer and Dario Travas (ATP Vienna) presented aspern IQ in the architektur.aktuell talk (from right), Photo: Travas
Technologiezentrum aspern IQ, Photo: ATP Vienna

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