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Practice seminar with ATP experts at the University of Innsbruck

Innsbruck, 29th June 2018 – Architectural students presented a virtual village at the final presentation of the ‘Hochbau’ Institute of the University of Innsbruck. VR glasses enabled visitors to wander through the buildings designed by the students. “The interest in the subject was huge”, said one of the teachers Philipp Zimmermann. The BIM expert from ATP Innsbruck passed on his professional know-how from the world of work to the students.

This was the first seminar dedicated to BIM at the University of Innsbruck. Peter Massin, who initiated the project together with Thomas Mathoy and teaches at the institute for experimental architecture.hochbau, emphasized the importance of working together with ATP: There is incredible pressure from the building sector. There is a deadline of 2020 after which BIM should be obligatory in all public tenders. This offers a clear competitive advantage to those students who can develop this skill.”

With its many years of experience in BIM-supported integrated design ATP accompanied the students through the seminar. “Philipp Zimmermann started to address BIM on his initiative from a very early date,” said Massin. “He is an expert in the field and his expertise is a great asset for the faculty.”

During the final presentation the architect Martin Lukasser, associate partner at ATP, invited the students to deepen their expertise during an internship with ATP: “Not just theoretically but at the scale of 1:1 by working on real buildings.”

(from left) ATP architect Philipp Zimmermann together with Peter Massin and Thomas Mathoy (teachers at the institute for experimental architecture.hochbau) and ATP associate partner Martin Lukasser at the final presentation. Photo: ATP/Rauschmeir
VR glasses offer students an insight into digital design. Photo: ATP/Rauschmeir
Increasingly demanded by the world of work: VR glasses make it possible to visit digitally designed buildings. Photo: ATP/Rauschmeir

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