ADLER Werk Paint Factory

ATP joins ADLER to celebrate the opening of the integrally designed and most state-of-the-art factory for the production of water-based paint in Europe.

Schwaz, 25th April 2019 – ADLER's new production and logistics facility was ceremoniously opened on Thursday. Europe's most state-of-the-art factory for the production of water-based paint is a milestone in the history of the family company – a once-in-a-generation project that will prepare it to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0.

"As pioneers of integrated design with BIM we are at home in ten integrated design offices across Europe. But the opportunity to design such a state-of-the-art building for ADLER with its technically advanced paint in our Tyrolean homeland was a particularly refreshing experience for us," said a delighted Robert Kelca, ATP Partner and Managing Director in Innsbruck, about the successful new building, the strongly expressive concept of which fits perfectly into the colorful Tyrolean mountain setting.

Far from a 'piece of cake', the project was a challenging task that the architects and engineers of ATP mastered to the complete satisfaction of the client.

ADLER Managing Director Andrea Berghofer, who welcomed more than 200 special guests to the opening ceremony, was particularly appreciative of the fact that ATP was able to offer the in-depth planning of all specialist areas – architecture and structural and building services engineering – from a single source: "Given that we and our team, along with our colleagues along the value chain, knew exactly how the internal processes should function, we were able to work together with the architects and engineers to create this facility that today we can see working all around us."

In ADLER's new factory for water-based paint up to 30,000 tons of environmentally-friendly paint can be produced every year in a modular production process. The innovative logistics center consists of a high-performance high-shelving store for around 15,000 pallets and makes it possible to carry out all upstream commissioning work with the help of ten loading ramps.


    ADLER Managing Director Andrea Berghofer is delighted about the successful new building at the opening ceremony. Photo: ADLER
    In the interests of corporate identity the external appearance of the building refers to the world of ADLER paints. Photo: ATP/Bause

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