35th Logistics Dialog

Christoph M. Achammer on the extraordinary power of digitalization

Vienna, Vösendorf, 11th – 12th April 2019How is digitalization transforming work in the world of logistics? What opportunities do digital tools offer to the distribution of goods?  … or to climate protection? These and other questions were addressed by representatives of business and research at the 35th Logistics Dialog.

The invitation by BVL Bundesvertretung Logistik Österreich was taken up by 60 international experts who discussed new technologies and developments in the logistics sector with the public in line with the overall title for the event “Digital Effectiveness – Maximum Agility”. Amongst the highlights of the congress was the podium discussion with Professor Christoph M. Achammer. Together with Bernd Dattler, Managing Director, ASFINAG, Anne Lange, Professor, Université Luxembourg, Christoph Matschke, Board Member, REWE, Karl May, Program Leader, BMW, and Erich Schätz, Corporate Director, cargo-partner, the Chairman of the ATP Board demonstrated how digitalization was initiating a far-reaching transformation in corporate strategies: “Many companies continue to see digitalization as a major challenge to the logistics sector,” explained Achammer. “But it represents much more of an opportunity for logistics, because efficient logistics buildings and transport concepts can only be realized with the help of modern digital tools. Not only does this make sense in economic terms but it can also help us to, for example, reduce CO2 emissions and protect the climate.”

Digitalization at ATP
After many years of research and development work in the field of digital design, ATP has been modeling all buildings consistently with BIM since 2012. This process visualizes all architectural, technical, physical, and functional characteristics of a building in a central, digital twin. The advantages of the method: Clients are able to take better basic decisions regarding the design and construction process and short-term cost estimates are available at any time. Digitalization also offers extensive support of the sustainability certification process and facility management activities.

ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer on the ongoing digitalization process as a stimulating factor for the logistics sector. Photo: GARY MILANO

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