2012-12-19 Charity

With the establishment of ATP APF Health, ATP increased its activities in the health sector in 2012. With our 2012 Christmas donation we are supporting the Clementine Children's Hospital in Frankfurt.

In keeping with a long Christmas tradition of helping social institutions to realise building projects, ATP architects engineers is this year supporting the Clementine Children’s Hospital in Frankfurt am Main.

The international design company ATP architects engineers has eight European offices, including, Frankfurt and Munich. The health sector activities of the Frankfurt operation received a long-term boost at the beginning of 2012 through the establishment of a joint venture with the hospital designers APF Architektenpartner Frankfurt (ATP APF Health). For this reason it was decided to present this year’s regular annual Christmas donation of 20.000 euros to the Clementine Children’s Hospital in Frankfurt am Main.

In the words of Ulf Bambach, architect and Managing Director of ATP Frankfurt: “With this Christmas donation we are giving targeted support to facilities in the region in which we as a company are active as a means of making a contribution to social and cultural development.”

Norbert Helmus, Managing Director of ATP APF Health, Frankfurt, added that “we are delighted that this year’s Christmas donation is focusing on the health sector and on the expertise of ATP APF Health in hospital design and process optimisation.“

The donation was presented to the Hospital Trust on 19th December 2012 in Frankfurt am Main. It will be used to support the conversion of a previously unused roofspace into facilities for early rehabilitation and psychosomatics in the field of paediatric neurology.

According to Dr. Petra Maksan, Administrative Director of Clementine Children’s Hospital, “this generous donation helps us to transform our vision into reality and lays a key building block in the creation of new therapeutic spaces. Without donations it is simply not possible to pay for paediatric care.”


Christmas donation
Presentation of the Christmas donation by Ulf Bambach, ATP N+M Architects and Engineers, Frankfurt to Dr. Schleussner und Dr. Latta of the Clementine Children’s Hospital, Frankfurt (from left).

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