2012-01-01 ATP Innsbruck family friendly

The state of Tirol has named ATP Innsbruck a family friendly company.

"ATPünktchen is a small but important building block in our 'ATP-Family' in Innsbruck", said Architect Robert Kelca in 2009. His words marked the opening of the first children´s play group to be established by a private company in Tirol. "We want to support the top qualified and highly motivated women in our team as well as possible – even when there are still too few of them", said the Managing Director of ATP Innsbruck to the ORF in an interview marking this unusual step for an architectural and engineering company.

Now, the state of Tirol has named ATP Innsbruck as one of the most family friendly companies in 2011. The award was based on evaluations of such work-related issues as flexible and part-time working, training and educational possibilities, maternity and paternity leave, returning to work - and a whole raft of other general family-related issues. ATP Innsbruck scored points for many of the advantages which it offers its employees and which are unusual for the building industry. The family atmosphere in the office also helps to ensure that employees feel welcome and often stay for many years with the company. Sports and leisure events are regularly organised and each studio enjoys an annual cultural trip. And in addition to this, the company's own health club with its gymnastics and fitness programme, yoga and pilates and posture gymnastics addresses the health of the team.

The Innsbruck office of the ATP Group currently has almost 160 employees of which around 50 are women. Several of these are parents of young children and both fathers and mothers are eager to take advantage of the services on offer. In 2010 ATP Innsbruck started a further pilot project “Playgroup +Kindergarten”. This caters for children across the entire range of pre-school and kindergarten ages from 1.5 to 6. The group of up to 12 children and 2 carers thereby remains small and family sized and the opening times can be  adapted as necessary.


From left: State Minister Patrizia Zoller-Frischauf, Architect Robert Kelca, ATP Innsbruck. Photo: JUFF 

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