2012-08-01 Headquarter Engelbert Strauss

ATP Frankfurt wins the competition for the construction of the new Headquarters of Engelbert Strauss, the manufactures of workplace clothing

Following a successful  pre-qualification phase, ATP Frankfurt was invited to participate in an expert assessment process for the construction of the new central administration building of “Engelbert Strauss” and, following a period of project revision, was awarded the first prize.

The architectural concept for “CAMPUS STRAUSS” in Biebergemünd envisages the creation of a sequence of rooms and larger spaces with different qualities and functions which stretches as far as the entrance hall of the administration building. This hall is the building’s informal heart, distribution space and exhibition area. Four office wings of a depth of 15 metres are grouped around the foyer.

The strip façade with its opening windows consists of dark red bricks, which slip harmoniously into the landscape. The green roof is treated as a fifth façade. Glass and timber are used internally with the concrete slab ceiling remaining visible, only being hidden behind a suspended ceiling in the circulation areas.

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