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ATP Zero GmbH

Hansastraße 40
80686 Munich

Tel +49 89 244 168 4300

ATP Zero – Incubator for Innovative Building Services

Technology leadership via R&D transfer “on the road to zero”!

ATP Zero is a research and specialist design company of the ATP Group, which is based in the group’s Munich office. We focus on the latest developments in the field of building services with the aim of incorporating innovative building services into the integrated design process throughout the ATP Group.

Our core competence is research & development. We develop special projects for ATP while also offering external clients consulting services covering all aspects of sustainable building services.

Our services

  • Integrated design and advice in the area of project development
  • Technical quality controlling of all phases of building services
  • Systematic management of operational starts and optimization of operations
  • Research and participation in the scientific debate
  • Knowledge transfer throughout the ATP Group
  • Carrying out of internal and external building services workshops
  • Support of design teams in the early project phases and competitions
  • Participation in the implementation of the ATP Green Deal


Günther Liersch
Günther Liersch

Managing Director

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