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Available thesis subjects

We at ATP architects engineers are constantly interested in new, scientifically innovative subjects and would be delighted if you contacted us with your exciting idea for a potential bachelor, master, or diploma thesis.

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Ongoing thesis:
Year Type Subject Who Where Supervisor
2019 Diploma thesis Planning guidelines for drawing up concepts for indoor air flow - HTL Jenbach Heinz Unterweger
2019 Diploma thesis Production facility with the use of waste heat and alternative recooling Sandro Gavric/Stanko Babic HTL Jenbach Thomas Hueber
2018 Master thesis Further development of the cost- and resource-related evaluation of individual planning contents in building services with regard to the difference between Building Information Modeling and conventional design Tim Peper Hochschule München Elmar Hohlweg
2018 Master thesis The analysis and optimization of planning processes for office buildings with the aim of improving the quality of sustainable building Sophia Sauer HS Augsburg Jens Glöggler / Susanne Runkel
2018 Bachelor thesis Constructional fire protection in building services – water pipes and electrical cables through the fire compartment Florian Glösl FH Burgendland, Pinkafeld Michael Haugeneder
2018 Bachelor thesis Energy efficiency – passive measures in early design phases Carmen Wagner FH Upper Austria, Wels Michael Haugeneder
2018 Master thesis Analysis of causes of fires in business and industry – Sources of danger, monitoring risks, and the legal incorporation of preventative fire protection Ing. Matthias Koller, BSc FH Burgendland, Pinkafeld Michael Haugeneder
2018 Master thesis BIM + building services Manuel Ratsch FH Burgendland, Pinkafeld Michael Haugeneder
Completed Theses:
Year Type Subject Who Where Supervisor
2018 Master thesis Identification of adjustment factors in the early design phases for lifecycle-optimized building – development of a recommendation for action for the use category “offices and administration” Eva von der Hagen TU Munich Jens Glöggler / Klara Meier
2018 Diploma thesis Modular building. Prefabricated and sustainable timber building systems Koç Burak HTL Imst Dipl.-Ing. Zimmermann/BIM
- Master thesis The lifecycle cost calculation as a planning and optimization tool in the integrated preliminary design of industrial buildings Andreas Huber MCI  
- Master thesis Profitability assessment of building data modeling in the area of building services Armin Gruber - -
2015 Bachelor thesis AVL Bietigheim-Bissingen – Design of a demineralization plant for the use of rainwater for the operation of technical plant in an industrial building Christoph Menge - -
2013 Bachelor thesis Feasibility study for the use of internal waste with the help of a biogas plant Thorben Lott - -
2013 Bachelor thesis Structural engineering optimization of openings in reinforced concrete beams – basics and examples Vitali Butschbach - -
- - Investigation of ventilation measures for the revitalization of an office building with energy evaluation Selda Strasser FH Mittweida -
2016 Bachelor thesis Quality assurance of the electrical design in an integrated design office Barbara Basek Hochschule Landshut Torsten Rink
2018 Master thesis Refinement of resource and cost calculations via the deeper evaluation of individual design elements Thomas Bräu Hochschule München Elmar Hohlweg
2017 Bachelor thesis Building information modeling in building services planning based on the example of the EM factory Heraeus LP 3 Frau Fangqi Gao Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Harald Nun

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