Karriere bei ATP architekten ingenieure

Primi inter pares

Since 1990 ATP architects engineers has had a vibrant partnership system which aims to share commercial and cultural responsibility among as many employees as possible while offering them the opportunity to participate in the success of the company.

Partners, associate partners and associates represent the corporate culture of ATP. Members of the partnership stand out due to not only their commercial and technical expertise, but also their interdisciplinary engagement. ATP architects engineers currently has seven partners (shareholders), 32 associate partners and 68 associates, meaning that around 15 % of our employees belong to the partnership.

We are proud of the fact that our senior employees – who represent about a third of our team – have an average length of service of over twelve years, despite the fact that ATP is growing at an annual rate approaching 10 %. Our employees accept major responsibility and act in the manner of co-owners. ATP rewards this commitment with a profit-sharing policy which accounts for more than 30 % of annual profits.

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