ATP Integrale Planung

Integral Start

In Step from Day One

The advice that we provide before the actual start of design work are unique and extremely valuable. They provide a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of the core process as well as a sound definition of the common project objectives for clients, users and the design team. The conceptual decisions based on these insights and objectives have a highly significant effect on the long-term success of each new building or refurbishment project.

The simultaneous start of all participants in the integrated design process means that they all start with the same degree of knowledge and are equally empowered to make an innovative and creative contribution. Working simultaneously ensures efficient processes and optimal outcomes.

The essential advantages are:

  • Identification of the optimal project strategy at an early stage
  • Interdisciplinary creativity and innovation
  • Improved compliance with cost and timetable targets
  • Avoidance of redundant work
  • No loss of information at interfaces
  • Avoidance of costly disruption during construction
Integral start
Integral start

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