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Cost and Timetable Compliance

What our clients say about integrated design by ATP

User involvement
“As well as experience in hospital design the way of dealing with users is a key point. We have many professional groups with many needs and requests which have to be coordinated and addressed. ATP health manages to create and maintain a respectful, pleasant atmosphere.”

“The great advantage, however, is that the basic structure is correct and that the floor layout and structure are flexible. We can make small alterations as a way of adapting to changes in need. In hospitals, new and inter-disciplinary organizational units are being created all the time and this requires the design of the appropriate structure.”

Cost andTimetableCompliance
“When a new hospital starts operating, it has to function – and function well - from day one.  Problems are simply not allowed. In precisely this respect the team has stood the test. Since 1994, we have delivered every project on-cost and on-time.”

ATP cost and timetable
ATP cost and timetable

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