ATP Corporate Social Responsibility- Forschung

Research Program

The research company ATP sustain and Design&Research Studios within the integrated design offices of ATP see themselves as open workshops and academic platforms dedicated to research and the development of new conceptual solutions.

Through the work of the research programs, intensive contacts are developed with universities and their students.

ATP sustain pursues and continually supports specific research projects in the area of sustainable design and building. The innovative know-how gained is published and made available to the general public, increasing the wealth of social knowledge in the fields of ecological, social and economic sustainability.

The D&R Studios (Design&Research) of the ATP offices are laboratories for creative activities at the edge of ATP’s core competences. They work as incubators for the cultural development of integrated design and see themselves as an academic platform for architects and engineers involved in innovation and design. In this way they become an active network for the cross fertilization of ideas beyond their local organisation. At the interface between basic and applied research they are the place where new technologies, materials and forms are introduced into integrated building design processes. The aspects of “lifecycle costs” and “sustainability” are central to this work. Selected products and buildings of the D&R Studios appear under the “sphere” brand.

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