Honourable Mention Municipal Depot, Weilheim, DE

Execution Competition for an administration building: ATP sphere receives recognition for its modern timber design.

The municipal depot in Weilheim i. Oberbayern plans to combine the functional, administrative and operational elements of its two existing facilities in the town.

Municipal depots are purely functional buildings. However, the prominent position and the planned industrial zone as well as the benchmark role of this new facility for the town of Weilheim and its self image demanded the design of more than just a functional building.

ATP sphere used this execution competition to design a modern timber building. It received an honourable mention for a concept which addresses the notion of building in a rural setting while extending the tradition of the municipal depot.

The new buildings have a modern appearance which, at the same time, fully respects the agricultural context: disciplined and compact, they embody sustainable strategies while being fully able to fulfil their required and very important representational role.

Stadtwerke Weilheim i. OB

Competition team:
ATP Sphere: Marc Mark, Klaus Hessenberger, Manuel Stofleth, Tom Hillebrand, Anna Rainer
ATP Munich: Thomas Mattesich, Thomas Gerg, Christoph Fürst

Competition online

Municipal Depot Weilheim
Municipal Depot Weilheim

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