Konstruktiv 2011 Liechtenstein Prize for Sustainable Building and Refurbishment in the Alps

Already the recipient of a string of awards, the "Hilti P4 plus" production and logistics building in Thüringen/Vorarlberg gains an honourable mention from the Principality of Liechtenstein's new Architectural Prize.

The architectural award which is offered to projects across the Alpine Region was presented on 8th March 2011 during the conference of the Environmental Ministers of the Alpine Nations (Alpenkonferenz). Otherwise known as “Konstruktiv”, the “Liechtenstein Prize for Sustainable Building and Refurbishment” is awarded to aesthetically successful and energy-efficient buildings. In the words of Renate Müssner, Liechtenstein’s Minister for the Environment and Spatial Planning, Agriculture and Forestry, “the three prize-winning projects and three honourable mentions provide examples for the entire Alpine region of how a careful environmental approach and a high quality of life can be combined”. According to the organisers, the aim of the prize is to address the holistic nature of the issue of sustainability – including the choice of ecological materials, good public transport connections and social aspects of the project.

201 projects from seven Alpine nations were entered for the award. The jury invited 25 clients and architects to take part in a second round in which they were required to complete detailed reports covering ecological, commercial, social and architectural aspects of their projects. Site visits were made to four buildings in Switzerland, 15 in Austria (ten of which were in Vorarlberg), two each in Italy and Liechtenstein and one each in Germany and France. The nominated projects will now feature in an exhibition which will be opened in Slovenia before going on tour. A special issue of the Swiss architecture magazine “Hochparterre” gives a detailed account of the competition and its winners while also offering insight into differences and similarities in the culture, architecture and living environment of the region between Nice and Ljubljana.

Hilti P4 plus was Austria’s first ÖGNI-certified industrial building (2010) and, shortly after completion in 2009, received both an honourable mention at the European Architecture Prize 2009 Energy+Architecture as well as a special recognition from the Energy Globe Award Vorarlberg 2009.

Jury: Chairperson: Köbi Gantenbein (CH, Architectural Journalist, Editor-in-Chief of the Magazine Hochparterre, Zurich. Author/Editor, Recipient of award for his contribution to Architecture in the Alps)

Jury Members:
- Helmuth Dietrich (AT, Architekturbüro Dietrich | Untertrifaller, Bregenz, St. Gallen, Vienna, Federal Prize for Architecture and Sustainability, Austria)
- Dominique Gauzin-Müller (F, Professor of Architecture, Editor and Chief of the Magazine écologiK, Jury member of the Global award for sustainable architecture)
- Giancarlo Allen (I, Architectural Office allenarchitettura, Treviglio, National Secretary of ANAB Architettura Naturale)

Preliminary Assessor:
- Robert Mair (FL, Architect, Lecturer and Member of the Research Staff of the University of Liechtenstein - Masters Course in Architecture - Sustainable Design) 

Organiser: Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein, Office for Forest, Nature and Landscape

Project: Hilti P4 plus 

Konstruktiv 2011

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