1st Prize Kemmelpark, Murnau, Germany

ATP Munich's design for a new, energy-optimised local shopping centre is selected in a developer competition.

This distinctive building form in which the individual building elements are drawn together into a horizontal volume has been conceived as an opening element for the Kemmelpark development zone. Two-storey areas reflect the street alignment of Kemmelallee resulting in a calm, modern building volume. The building has a homogeneous horizontal larchwood cladding in which incisions at the entrances open up the envelope. The diagonal lines to each side of these entrances create a dynamic form which becomes both a design feature of and a symbol for the local shopping centre. The concept is taken further in the interior with a longer incision opening the building up to the central, landscaped car park. The use of district heating from the local woodchip-based municipal biomass plant enables the purchase of energy from external sources to be minimised. Heat given out by the generation of cooling for the cold stores and air conditioning can be used if necessary entirely for spatial heating rather than being discharged into the atmosphere.

Between the two anchor tenants there is a series of smaller spaces for service-providers. An offset on Kemmelallee allows for the preservation of the single building while this narrowing of the building improves East-West and North-South connections.

Murnauer Grundstücks-Verwaltungs-GmbH

Competition Team:
Investor: Ten Brinke Projektentwicklung GmbH, Bocholt
Architecture and Engineering: ATP Munich: Thomas Mattesich, Gregor Gutscher, Thomas Gerg.

Project Kemmelpark

Kemmelpark, Murnau

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