2nd Prize "Huella", Feusisberg, CH

The project by ATP kfp Zurich skillfully exploits the landscape potential of the location.

A particularly important feature of the concept is its urban design setting: the dense form of the settlement establishes a “self-contained and spatially powerful identity”. The organization of the residential buildings around a common inner courtyard and the variety of floor plans provide a consistent continuation of this urban character. “The project skillfully exploits the landscape potential of the location...” (from the notes of the jury).

“Huella” consists of five individual residential buildings on a north-facing slope, which are related to one another and arranged around a common courtyard. Each building steps a further half level down the slope and the existing buildings can see over the new ones from ground floor level. The design of the façades is derived from the image of the surrounding woods. The rough grey-brown plaster recalls the color and texture of bark.

The complex meets Minergie Standards for new buildings. Compact floor plans, an acceptable surface-volume ratio and the sophisticated design of the envelope ensure that heat loss is minimal.

The flexible design allows the required mix of apartments to be achieved in a number of ways.

Organizer: BHB Baumanagement AG

TU: Concept Generalunternehmung AG

Competition team: ATP kfp Zurich
Schoch Landschaftsarchitekten
TGA HL Technik


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