ÖGNI Silver for Hilti at Expo Real

The first and only Austrian industrial building to be awarded an ÖGNI certificate at Expo Real is a production building for Hilti AG which is a result of ATP's integrated design approach.

The project was selected by the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate (ÖGNI) - a partner organisation of the German Society for Sustainable Building (DGNB) - as a pilot project for the certification of industrial buildings. Although it was already complete it still achieved silver certification.

In the case of the production and logistics building of Hilti AG Thüringen, Vorarlberg, completed by ATP in late 2009, Hilti and their design partner, ATP architect engineers paid full attention to issues of sustainability from the very beginning. As an example, even before the start of work, Hilti drew up a catalogue of critical factors covering aspects of employee well-being, environment, energy consumption and the sustainable use of building materials.

In addition to this, all energy produced by the production process is reused. Heating in winter is generated from exhaust heat from the production process and heat exchangers and cooling in summer is facilitated by the use of groundwater. The result of such measures is an annual reduction in CO2 emissions of around 210.000kg. 

Awarded through: - "ÖGNI Austrian World Green Building Council">ÖGNI Austrian World Green Building Council


Production Building Hilti AG, Thüringen, Austria.

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