1st Prize Gleis|Nord, Lenzburg, CH

ATP kfp Zurich wins the urban design competition for two of the eight pre-defined building plots of a new urban district in Lenzburg.

In early 2011 the food company Hero AG is to move from its traditional site in central Lenzburg to a new production plant on the edge of the town. The company EBM (Elektra Birseck Münchenstein), which acquired the Hero site in 2008, is to develop the industrial location into a new urban district in partnership with Losinger Construction AG and the Municipality of Lenzburg.

In a layout by Burkard Meyer Architekten, the site was divided up into four perimeters and eight building plots. The aim of this strategy is to ensure that an architecturally dynamic area is created – just as is the case with a naturally developed urban quarter which is also the work of a series of different architects. ATP kfp was commissioned to develop a project for the southern perimeter, a site of over one hectare which stretches along the railway tracks.

The partial demolition of the dilapidated eastern part of the former factory building opens up a whole new urban opportunity:  the new building should not close off the fourth side of the building on plot B in order to recreate a dark interior courtyard. On the contrary, our objective is to open up the building as much as possible to the surrounding green space and to improve the proportions of the courtyard, in order to increase the amount of light reaching the interior of the building. The stair tower will be removed from the courtyard and the building extended on both sides to form a u-shape. To the north, the axis of the facade steps back an entire building bay in order to generate attractive external areas. Both new buildings on building plot C represent the extension of the u-formed building and are oriented in a north-south direction.

Losinger Construction AG, Zurich

Competition Team (ATP kfp, ATP sphere):
Alfred Wegmann, Xavier Temme, Matthias Wehrle, Marc Eutebach, Corinne Bader, Caroline Winkler, Paul Ohnmacht, Stefan Bossard, Stefan Fuchs, Tanja Bernet, Anja Peter 

Perimeter West (Plot A):
- Burkhard Meyer Architekten BSA, Baden
Perimeter South (Plots B, C):
- Burkhalter Sumi Architekten, Zurich
- ATP kfp Architekten und Ingenieure AG, Zurich
- Itten + Brechbühl AG, Architekten und Planer, Zurich
Perimeter Centre (Plots D, E, F):
- Frei Architekten, Aarau
- Züst Gübeli Gambetti Architektur und Städtebau AG, Zurich
- Steinmann & Schmid, Basle
Perimeter North (Plots G, H):
- Schneider & Schneider Architekten AG, Aarau
- Dachtler Partner AG, Architekten, Zurich
- Duplex Architekten GmbH, Zurich

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The "Urban Eye" establishes contact with central Lenzburg across the railway tracks.

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