German Design Award

Special Mention für OMV Office Building

The integrated design of the OMV office building by ATP Vienna not only convinced both the client and the building’s users. The presentation of the German Design Award 2019 also draws the attention of a wider audience to the success of the project.

The top international prize honors exceptional, innovative and pioneering design trends. With the award of the title “Special Mention”, the German Design Council demonstrated its appreciation of particularly successful aspects of ATP’s solution for the OMV building.

Functionality and aesthetics
With its four apparently floating volumes the bridge-like building perfectly combines its technical and aesthetic roles. Supported by expressive concrete columns the open and inviting nature of the building dramatically highlights the forecourt. The light-filled offices of the around 300 employees are largely column-free and, hence, extremely flexible.

Cost-efficiency and sustainability
Integrated design with BIM enabled ATP to present the client with a digital counterpart of the real building. This “digital twin” is a record of all the building’s characteristics and behavior patterns, which means that it can be portrayed in model form for its entire lifetime. This permits both real-time monitoring of the condition of the building and proactive maintenance.

Ecological quality
The spatial ‘stacking’ solution permitted the optimal use of the available land. And, in order to provide a power supply to the building, ATP developed a particularly environmentally-friendly and efficient upcycling concept that converts steam coming from the refinery into energy.

Initiated in 2012 the German Design Awards are one of the world’s most highly recognized design competitions and are well-respected beyond the confines of the design community.

German Design Award

The German Design Award honors projects that are considered to be pioneering contributions to both the German and the international design landscape. Photo: ATP
The bridge-like building with the expressive columns combines functionality and aesthetics. Photo: ATP/Kuball
The bridge-like building with the expressive columns combines functionality and aesthetics. Photo: ATP/Kuball

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