1st Prize Former department store Grande Galerie, Erlangen, DE

ATP Munich wins the competition for the facade of a former department store in the pedestrian zone in Erlangen.

Hamburg’s B&L Group - owners of the former Grande Galerie – are intending to replace the building with a new store which is easily accessible from the Nürnberger Straße. The new building is to cover three storeys, with the third storey stepping back from the building line, and a competition was held for the design of the façade. The competition jury decided unanimously in favour of the design by the Munich office of ATP architects engineers, with KJS+ Architekten, Erlangen and Grüntuch Ernst Architekten, Berlin being awarded second and third prizes respectively.

According to the minutes of the jury meeting, “the design by ATP architects engineers, Munich, fits well into the heterogeneous urban setting while demonstrating both a clear identity and a successful architectural language.... The façade plays a successful game with gentle shifts forwards and backwards which vary across the different levels of the building. This replaces the massive presence of the building with a calm and gentle dynamic. Despite the clear independence of the design of the building it is still sufficiently flexible to react to any changes which may happen to its urban surroundings.”

B&L Group, Hamburg, 
Meeting of the competition jury on 18th November 2010

Competition team:
Christoph M. Achammer, Thomas Mattesich
Gregor Gutscher, Simone Mans, Christian Thuesen
M&E Engineering: Thomas Gerg (ATP Munich)
Visualisations: ATP sphere

1st Prize: ATP architects engineers, Munich
2nd Prize: KJS+ Architekten, Erlangen
3rd Prize: Grüntuch Ernst Architekten, Berlin

Organiser: s.kohm[at]bl-gruppe[dot]de

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With its powerfully expressive form, the building creates a new focus for the streetscape as well as giving the department store an independent new identity.

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