1st Prize Centar Savica, Zagreb, HR

Open competition for the implementation of a multifunctional urban district.

According to the tender documentation for the implementation competition, the “Savica” shopping and residential district on Avenue Marina Drzica in Zagreb should provide both a landmark for the Croatian capital and a boost for the further development of the district on the Sava. Examining all15 entries on 22nd May, the jury selected the project from ATP under the leadership of Dario Travas. The competition entry was the result of a fully integrated process of cooperation between ATP Vienna, ATP sphere, ATP sustain and ATP Zagreb.

A total built area of 100.000 m2 of offices, urban residences, retail space, hotels and a medical center – together with 2.000 parking spaces – are combined into a collage of urban volumes on three building plots. A shared base which reflects the scale of the local context incorporates public spaces and all entrances as well as infrastructural elements. The four individual towers (office, hotel and two residential towers) rise from the base. They have a global significance for the city and benefit from both the views they offer and their spatial relationship with the center. Furthermore, they are shaped individually in line with use, establishing the intentionally heterogeneous overall image of the ensemble, a new skyline on the Sava which marks the route into the center.

Organizer: Savica projekt d.o.o

ATP Competition Team:
Dario Travaš, Horst Reiner, Marc Mark, Markus Lentsch, Klemen Guštin, Rüdiger Ingartner, Florian Schaller, Anna Ghon, Tatiana Winkelmann, Parisa Kaveh, Emanuel Moosburger, Stefan Köll, Bibiana Zariquiey Esteva, Klaudija Duspara

Sustainability Consultant: Michael Haugeneder

M&E Consultants: Otto Buranits, Siniša Cevis

Structural Engineering: Martin Krautgartner, Andreas Wabbels

Visualization: Zoom VP (Martin Gleiss) 


Centar Savica Zagreb
Centar Savica Zagreb
Centar Savica Zagreb
Centar Savica Zagreb

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