1st Prize, Boehringer Ingelheim, Vienna, AT

ATP Vienna wins an invited competition for a research building

The competition brief from the German pharmaceutical company sought a new, modern laboratory building for the Research Institute for Molecular Pathology (IMP) in Vienna which offers an improved infrastructure, flexibility of use and opportunities for communication. The building is located in the Vienna Biocenter in Vienna’s 3rd district.

The competition winning scheme will provide the basis for the integrated design of a new building of around 15,000 square meters for around 250 researchers which has direct connection to the neighboring facilities. Working in cooperation with ATP sustain, ATP is developing a resource-saving energy concept based on current certification standards

A five-story atrium serves the laboratories, offices and plant areas which are grouped around this central communication space. The openly accessible “Public Outreach Area” at ground and first floor levels includes exhibition space, a lecture theater and a cafeteria.

Organizer:Boehringer Ingelheim

Competition team: Horst Reiner, Dario Travas, Birgit Reiterer, Viera Loebe, Marie Deutschmann


Vizualisation: ATP/Telegram
Office and laboratory areas grouped around a five-story atrium. Vizualisation: ATP/Telegram

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