1st Prize Residential Buildings Boden/Büel/Unterstadel, Trogen, CH

Development of an innovative urban design idea for a rural residential building - based on a project encompassing existing buildings and the fascinating hilly landscape of Appenzell.

The concept starts with the combination of three buildings into a single functioning entity which represents the smallest autarkic residential typology. The possibilities offered by the closeness of the buildings allows various groups of people to come together in a semi-private atmosphere without giving up their private spaces. The sensitive combination and orientation of the three buildings in the landscape allows the optimisation of views, daylight and privacy despite their intense proximity.

The site enjoys views of Lake Constance to the North and Northwest and is located between the Kinderdorf, the village of Trogen, the Old People’s Home and an existing building on the site. These latter buildings were integrated into the urban design concept in such a way that they become part of the new project while making it possible to move between the buildings - thus retaining the existing historic footpath which is so important for the identity of Trogen.

The relationship with the cultural landscape of the Alpine foothills and the transition to the village settlement pattern are central to the development of the open space. Gently falling meadows which adopt the existing topography surround the compact volume as it follows the slope. The new buildings are located along the lowest contour line as a means of leaving the delightful meadow between the buildings virtually untouched. The wonderful view from the Kinderdorf is also retained.

Kinderdorf Pestalozzi Foundation and Municipality of Trogen

Competition Team:
ATP kfp Architects and Engineers
Xavier Temme (PL), Alfred Wegmann, Isabella Mori, Stefan Fuchs, Corinne Bader. Additional in the 1st Phase: Marc Eutebach, Paul Ohnmacht, Caroline Winkler, Linus Stolz, Gerhard G. Schmid (all ATP sphere).
Images: Nightnurse images GmbH/Christoph Deiters
Landschaftsarchitektur: asp Landschaftsarchitekten AG/Kaspar Hartmann

Residental Building Boden
Residental Building Boden

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