1st Prize Zwängiwiese, Zurich, CH

The objective of the 1997 competition was to design a residential building which both provided a good and architecturally exemplary solution to the complex urban situation adjacent to the “Neubühl Werkbundsiedlung” and embodied the collective and cooperative spirit.

The social, ecological and formal aspects of the proposed new building should be a symbol for the future. With two built volumes which are carefully coordinated in terms of both length and height and create a symmetrical, courtyard-based complex, the project reflects the orthogonal structure of the surroundings while still managing to stand out.

With its two simple three-story, east-west oriented buildings, the project reacts subtly to the historically-protected “Neubühl” complex. The heart of the project is an open north-south oriented courtyard. All staircase accesses and the adjacent balconies and dining-kitchens are oriented to this communicative collective space.

This space is separated into three clearly defined elements: the asphalted courtyard (with collective space), play area for small children and playground. The seven three meter high ateliers are located in the base of the west-facing building.

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