1st Prize Open Competition Urban Design and the Design of Public Spaces Vodnjan, Croatia

An urban design solution for two squares in the centre of Vodnjan, a medieval town in Istria, along with the main street that links the two squares.

The overall concept, including street furniture and colours together with the façade design aims both to grant a recognisable visual identity to the squares as well as increase the capacity of the area for diverse public functions. The design pays great attention to the cultural, architectural and urban design heritage of the city of Vodnjan. The original façade decoration is, wherever possible retained, the area pedestrianised and each square receives a new focal point.

Client: Istrian Architectural Association on behalf of County of Vodnjan
Team: Prof. Nenad Fabijani with ATP-Zagreb (Otto Baric, Branka Grgi), Sonja Tadei, Slaven Delalle

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