1st Prize UBS AG, Zurich CH

A study was commissioned for the sustainable and yet contemporary remodeling of the UBS AG headquarters on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse.

Upon completion of the refurbishment, the headquarters building consists of three legible architectural elements: late nineteenth century (Münzhof, Elite building), 1950s (Pelikanstrasse) and early twenty-first century (Nüschelerstrasse and garden wing). The new semi-circular steel and glass “garden wing” building is connected to the Münzhof West with lightness and transparency.

The main neoclassical building recovers its west façade and, hence, its former appearance. The new Nüschelerstrasse wing is built in Bollinger sandstone. The Nüschelerstrasse façade has horizontal strip windows and the courtyard a more closed façade with traditional single windows.

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