1st Prize Open Worldwide Competition Peace Pentagon, New York, USA

The search is not for a design but rather for basic statement. A building can only carry a certain amount of information for it has many other pragmatic functions which come together in a finished form which then has an inmpact on its surroundings, in this case the City of New York.

The comparatively small building will be twice as large in the future. The white extension changes everything, the dimension of the building, its effect and its message. The sign which can be seen from afar, sometimes a blaze of white light and sometimes lustrous, very calm, almost floating, carries no message but rather makes a statement with its very being, becoming an unforgettable part of the scene, even in NYC. The colour white naturally represents peace (images can be projected from time to time but the permanent message is one of whiteness). The materiality of the white cube is a direct reference to the theme of peace: the envelope consists of the material from 32 white refugees tents. The entire ground-floor zone becomes a restaurant. Peace: Eating and drinking are sources of peace. An open cooking brings the cuisine of all the world’s war zones to the streets of NYC.

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Peace Pentagon, New York

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