1st Prize Invited Competition, 2007 Park&Ride Fölling Graz, AT

The Garage is designed as a two-winged two-storey volume with central circulation. The planted roof landscape of the two tracts grows from the ground as a means of integrating the layers of cars into the landscape. The sweep of the roof responds to the silhouette of the surrounding area. The decision to align the two elements alongside each other was taken as a result of the wind direction. Analyses of traffic flow have shown the chosen courtyard form to be that which leads to the optimum movement and depth as well as the best protected entrance area. The garage will serve to control the speed of its users as they park and use their cars.

8 invited participants, including: Architekturbüro Deutschmann ZT GmbH. (2), Graz, Saiko.cc - Arch. DI Harald Saiko (3), Graz, HOG Architektur ZT GmbH, Graz, Architekten Szyszkowitz – Kowalski, Graz u.a.

Team: Horst Reiner, Heinz Lindner, Dario Travas, Rüdiger Ingartner, Peter Kytta, Markus Schlaffer, Thomas Wirth, Franz Bösenhofer

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