1st Prize, Invited Development Competition, 2009 Maximarkt Anif/Salzburg, AT

Promoter: Maximarkt Handels-Gesellschaft mbH

Gross Built Area: approx. 10.600 m2

The design of a new Maximarkt, on the site of a building from 1974, had to take into account the Corporate Architecture Concept developed by ATP for Maximarkt in 2003. A team led by Andrei Florian (ATP Innsbruck) developed the idea of wrapping the entrance portal, which has become a new trademark for the markets, in the form of a band around the internal space, with the lateral façades appearing as playful reiterations of the portal leg. The aim is to make the corporate identity visible regardless of the angle from which one approaches the building. The single storey building consists of a market of approximately 5.000 m2 plus several shops, a kiosk, a bakery and a restaurant. The sustainable existing building, which is largely constructed of renewable materials, is enhanced by a prefabricated envelope created from trussed laminated timber beams which are both roof and wall. The jury welcomed the thoroughness and innovation of the economical and rapidly realisable project.


Robert Kelca, Andrei Florian, Martin Abentung, Klaus Gebhart, Wolfgang Göbl, Hubert Neuhauser, Justinas Pajaujis


Peter Wolf


Maximarkt Anif

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