1st Prize Limmatwest, Zurich, CH

An invited competition sought a project which responded to the special location of the site between the noisy Hardturmstrasse and the much more open space on the River Limmat.

The “Limmatwest” development forms the connection between an industrial and service district and a residential district characterized by a much looser arrangement of individual buildings. The linear and lightly curved river façade provides enough free space for the historically protected 13th century HARDTURM.

A continuous four-story volume with shops and offices protects the apartments on the Limmat from the emissions of the Hardturmstrasse. The seven courtyards which act as circulation and garden spaces and are flooded with daylight and protected from street noise open to the attractive riverbank environment via three-story “river windows”.

The residential street within the site also enables deliveries to the shops to be carried out at ground floor level. The majority of the 314 apartments are located in the seven-story volume located on the River Limmat which also contains a kindergarten, childcare facility and restaurant.

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