1st Prize Open, Two-stage Competition, 2009 Faculty of Technical Sciences/Innsbruck University

Open, EU-wide, two-stage competition for the refurbishment of the main buildings of the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Technical Sciences / Innsbruck University

What is the meaning of Innsbruck and the Alps for teaching in the faculty and what is the relationship between these two disciplines – today and in the future? These are the basic issues addressed by the design team from ATP sphere and ATP architects engineers, Innsbruck. Part of the answer is the way in which the general approach - and in particular the retained grid - emphasise the role of the campus as a place for students to come together. A second key is the specificity with which the project reacts to the needs of the varied activities and users – manifested here in the clear differentiation between the main buildings and the way in which they respond to their student occupants. The project externalises the differences between the disciplines and the characteristics of the teaching approaches.


Christoph Achammer, Marc Eutebach, Robert Kelca, Klaus Hessenberger, Caroline Winkler, Paul Ohnmacht, Linus Stolz, Hubert Neuhauser, Peter Oberhuber

Architecture and Engineering Faculty

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