1st Prize AEG MIS, Ulm, DE

ATP wins the invited competition for an elegant, energy-optimised operations and research building for the Ulm office of the systems and software company LCD Informationssysteme AEG MIS.

In response to both the topography and the rural context the building sits back from the road and is separated from the somewhat random set of buildings on the AEG site, which is also set amongst the orchards of the Eselsberg. The footprint is reduced to a minimum due to the intelligent vertical organisation of the office and production areas as well as a parking deck in the area of landscape between the existing site and the buildings and this has very positive affect on the microclimate of the building.

The sustainable energy concept also includes a maximum of natural lighting and ventilation. The use of atria makes it possible for the three storey office areas to enjoy an optimal visual relationship with the surrounding greenery. Both the positioning and the detailed design of the specific areas sought to enable all functions of the building (except for those were this was not permitted for internal reasons) to take full advantage of the view of Ulm and the mountains. The campus-like feeling of the complex is appropriate for an operation with a large proportion of special uses and office and research areas as well as being a reference to the university which is also located close by on the Eselsberg.

Organiser: AEG Gesellschaft für moderne Informationssysteme mbH 

Competition Team: Christoph Achammer, Marc Eutebach, Paul Ohnmacht, Matthias Wehrle, Karoline Winkler, Linus Stolz, Gerhard Schmid, Michael Haugeneder (ATP sustain)


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