Group Leader Structural Engineering

As my working day as an ATP structural engineer generally starts early I can read e-mails in peace and find solutions for tricky structural problems before the telephone begins to ring with questions from site or from colleagues from other disciplines. When the first things have been dealt with I usually visit the architects who are working busily on the project in the spirit of integrated design. Architects and engineers develop, optimize and refine projects working together around the same table. The resulting coordinated and well-thought-out nature of the building is good not only for the client but also for the designers. We can introduce and implement our own ideas and this is guaranteed to increase our pleasure in our work.

We are generally working on a number of projects at home and abroad simultaneously, which means that we must travel to talk to clients or visit site. This applies more to architects than to us but ATP’s travel managers look dependably after every member of the team. Flights, cars and hotels are efficiently organized and booked, allowing me to spend the trip concentrating on the project rather than looking for transport or a place to stay.

As a father our flextime rules offer the advantage that an early starter can normally get home in time to play with his children. The in-house nursery ATPünktchen, which my second child is now also attending, means that I know that the little one is just around the corner while mum has the time to do what she needs. When she then picks up our child satisfied and rested after his midday sleep she will then quickly need the energy that she has stored up in the morning.

In short, it is very gratifying when a company makes it possible to combine interesting work and a family.

Structural Engineering
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