Head Structural Engineer

In an average month I am working simultaneously on seven projects – always in distinct, varying teams with a great range of external participants. The objective is to quickly understand many parameters and to combine these in an appropriate structural solution which meets the many requirements placed upon an integrated structure. I invent a new and innovative structure for every project. This is high performance creative work – always in coordination with the client, architects and mechanical and electrical engineers etc. And I also pay close attention to “buildability” on site (even if I don’t know the executing company). Then there is the highly responsible job of delivering the structural proof. Proving fitness-for-purpose (deformation, vibration, cracking ...) requires particularly intense work and constant training. After the necessary design time the building is finally built. On my regular site visits (one travels pretty widely around Europe) I proudly watch – and control – the emergence of my steel, timber and reinforced concrete structures. Huge structures which conquer the skies or are buried below the earth. One can often only guess what the other, distant end of the building looks like.

And after completion there is even sometimes an international prize – such as that for the heating and cooling pipes in my 800 structural piles below Atrio. “The world’s most sustainable shopping center” – that sounds pretty good.

Structural Engineering
ATP Innsbruck


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