ensphere GmbH


ensphere GmbH

Große Elbstraße 38
c/o ATP Hamburg Planungs GmbH
22767 Hamburg

Tel +49 (40) 30 23 979-61

ensphere – Landscape and Open Space Design & Research

Creating sustainable, resilient, and vibrant spaces

ensphere provides innovative data-based, digitalized, responsive, adaptive and resilient landscape architecture design. From small scale projects for the city or private clients, to large scale city renovation or waterfront design projects, we bring together research ideas with practical solutions, through the expansion of digitalization in landscape architecture, the development of climate responsive design, the enhancement of biodiversity, and the implementation of data-driven design. Our vision is the creation of places in the city that prioritize the human interactions with each other and nature.

Our services

  • Landscape Architecture Design (phases 1–3/4)
  • Ecological Master Planning
  • Heat Stress Reduction Strategies
  • Water-Sensitive Urban Design & Sustainable Water Use
  • Blue-Green Infrastructure Solutions
  • Urban Agriculture & Food Urbanism
  • Streetscape Biodiversity
  • Revitalizing natural habitats & restoration of lakes, rivers, forests, quarries and brownfie


Dimitra Theochari
Dimitra Theochari

Dipl. Ing. Architecture,
Architect & Landscape Architect, AKHH

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