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If we have to build, then we should do so differently. Why?

Did you know that around 40 % of all CO2-emissions are caused by the construction sector? Buildings last for generations. They bear witness to past eras. And to our successes and failures. They consume energy, damage the climate, absorb resources, and create waste. If we don’t make changes now our climate will reach the tipping point and we will destroy the very basis for our existence. When we build, a lot is at stake. But does it really have to be like this? 

It’s about innovation.
What if our buildings could ...
… generate more energy than they consume?
… be built in a climate-neutral manner?
… act as urban raw materials reserves for future generations?
… extend their useful lives with the help of innovative reuse concepts?
… be dismantled and reassembled as if they were made of Lego?

It’s about enthusiasm.
We want to change the world for the better with our buildings.” Visions like this require trust. Because neither marketing nor management determine whether a vision can be trusted. This can only be determined by people who, in performing their respective roles – whether as employees or clients –, contribute to the realization of this vision with enthusiasm, because they believe in it.

It’s about attitude.
For many years, our integrated design culture, our organization, our processes and systems, and our way of working together have been rigorously aligned with this vision. Our core values were established and have continuously evolved on the basis of the age-old definition of sustainability – the Vitruvian legacy of creating harmony on the basis of aesthetics, functionality, and stability. Out of a sense of responsibility for the future. This future is now.

It’s about our future.
The EU Green Deal envisages the creation of a climate-neutral Europe by 2050. This means that sustainability must change from being a well-meaning option to being an absolute necessity. This offers us a unique opportunity to positively transform the way we develop the world around us. And to exercise our responsibility for both the society in which we live and the one that is yet to come. Our contribution to this urgently needed transformation of the building industry is the ATP Green Deal.

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