2. Preis Geladener Wettbewerb, 2008 The Port, Bratislava, Slowakei

The concept of the project is based on that of an urban block with courtyards, squares and internal connections. The pedestrian zone is reached via an inviting public square which draws the public into the open air mall, the sculpturally dynamic head of which offers a variety of leisure activities. The mall crosses the site at two levels, creating a clear contrast with the ramped forms of the glazed Aqua Park, above which the fitness centre floats dramatically. The powerful central form of the Technical Museum is conceptually developed out of the folding of the mall glazing. A green buffer zone runs through the building and at the centre of the site is located a public square containing cafes, shops and the entrances to all the furniture stores as well as to the mall itself. Two further urban accents are provided by the hotel at the entrance to the site and the residential tower to the north.


Christoph Achammer, Horst Reiner, Dario Travas, Tatiana Winkelmann, Florian Schaller, Giacomo Dodich, Gojko Gelev, Sabine Holzweber, Anna Gohn, Nora Woloszczuk, Linda Wong, Otto Buranits, Markus Schlaffer

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