2nd Prize Invited competition, 2006 Messe Innsbruck, AT

At a time in which many exhibition centres are undergoing redevelopment, often moving to the edge of cities in order to free up valuable city centre real estate, huge efforts are being made in Innsbruck to more fully integrate the city’s exhibition centre into the Saggen district. A new administration building should take over a new bridging role between the city and the exhibition complex. The concept envisages a clarification and continuation of the structure and orientation of the existing exhibition halls. The new administration building is located in front of the exhibition halls and adapts to the materials and scale of the surrounding villas while the exhibition halls have more of an engineering quality. Inside hall 2 – which is liberated from the array of exhibition halls and the walkway which connects them as a means of emphasising its historic importance – an exhibition forum is created.

15 invited participants, including Gerber, Heinz Mathoi Streli, Holzbox, Lorenz, Peichl & Partner, Pöschl, Riccione, Riegler Riewe, Wulf & Partner, etc.

Christoph Achammer, Robert Kelca, Marc Eutebach, Paul Ohnmacht, Klaus Hessenberger, Rainer Stiller, Alexander Lengauer

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