3rd Prize, Open Competition MD Profil Tower, Zagreb, HR

An office tower for MD Profil is to be built to the southeast of Zagreb. With two towers containing 24 and 30 storeys respectively, the building is to be a symbol for MD Profil which is visible over a wide area. At the same time the strong form of the building is to provide an identity for the adjacent site on which nine-storey residential and mixed use buildings are to be built. This urban design factor was taken into account in the competition proposal in that the towers were given a base of the same height above which the office towers reach to a height of 115 m. The towers open out into a cone form creating dramatic perspective views towards the city centre. The glass façades are enlivened by the pixel-like arrangement of the opaque, openable windows which diminish with the height of the building. The use of this structuring device in both office tower and garage enhances the impression of a uniform complex building volume.


Horst Reiner, Dario Travas, Sabine Holzweber, Renate Weissenböck, Tatiana Winkelmann, Perspective: Peter Wolf

MD Profil Tower

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