3rd Prize, Invited Competition, 2008, Olympiapark Hotel, Munich, DE

Directly adjacent to such protected buildings as the Olympia Park, Olympic City and the urbanistically noted BMW factory with its “Four Cylinder” tower and spectacular BMW World, the consciously simply shaped tower has a modest presence on the Lerchenauer Straße. It avoids any inappropriate architectural exaggeration, preferring rather to add clarity to the sequence of spaces and the silhouette of the street. Its quarter-like internal spaces present a clear contrast with this simple form and can only really be understood after lengthy observation. However, the contribution of the building as illuminated architecture creates a special presence on the Lerchenauer Straße while offering deep views into the special functions and internal organisation of the hotel. This creates a presence over large distances in the form of a Supersign without creating the impression of being a superimposed lighting installation.


Christoph Achammer, Marc Eutebach, Klaus Hessenberger, Paul Ohnmacht, Pia Zobl, Jelmer van den Ouden, Alois Salzburger, Rainer Stiller, Klaus Gebhart

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