2nd Prize Invited Competition 2008 Borealis, Linz, AT

ATP Vienna was awarded second prize in this competition for its design for a new headquarters for Borealis Polyolefine GmbH, an internationally active plastics manufacturer based in Vienna. The location of the building at the entrance to the Chemiepark Linz and adjacent to the OMV Tower grants the building a special significance as the head and central element of the complex. The concept proposes a consciously soft form as a deliberate contrast with the very rectangular plan of the neighbouring building. This form supports the identity of the building as a centre of innovation and research. The clarity of the form is also reinforced by the smooth facade. The cantilevers of the floor slabs emphasise the dynamic of the built form while providing a vertical structuring. Differing panels between the windows lend the form an additional level of organisation.


Dario Travas, Rudiger Ingartner, Tatiana Winkelmann, Florian Schaller, Linda Wong, Otto Buranits, Markus Schlaffer


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